Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Mixer and Semolina Bread

The new KA mixer is fantastic and beautiful!

 I made Semolina Bread yesterday. I wasn't real happy with the results so I won't post the recipe. When I was making it, I thought the salt and yeast amounts were high but I made it anyway.  When I tasted the dough, it was so salty and yeasty and it rose immediately. I decided to add white flour and water and knead again. (I was out of semolina at that point) The bread turned out fine but I wanted an all semolina loaf and it just tasted mostly like white bread. Bad recipe, I guess. From now on I'll trust my instincts. I will make again with a new recipe and post that later. These are the pics of the loaves I made. The last pic is sideways but I can't figure out why or how to turn it.


  1. Is the taste really that different?

  2. Good semolina bread is sweet and really yummy. I'll try again and let you know. I just really don't like straight white bread unless it is sourdough. Like my mixer? Any idea how we can get the other one to you? I suppose the $ of mailing would be astronomical.