Friday, July 16, 2010

Golden Honey Oat Bread

I am waiting patiently for my new KitchenAid mixer to arrive. In the meantime, I haven't stopped making bread. Today, I stirred up Rose Beranbaum's Golden Honey Oat Bread.  A simpler writeup of the same recipe may be found under the name Honey Oatmeal Flax Bread, but it's the same recipe. I threw a lump of old sourdough starter in just for the heck of it. What can it hurt? I found the dough to be too stiff even though I weighed everything so I added about 2 T. water. The other change was to use milk instead of water for the main liquid since I didn't find any milk powder in my pantry. Also painted whole egg on the outside and sprinkled with oatmeal.

The bread is fairly easy to make. I'm hoping it makes good sandwich bread. Following the recipe, I soaked the oatmeal and ground flax in hot milk for a while before making the dough. I think this helps the flavor and also really hydrates the oatmeal and flax. Otherwise, whole grain bread can become very dry.

Wow, the oven spring was amazing. The loaf nearly doubled in the oven. Here are the pics!

Forgot to take a picture of my dough. This one's from Deena's website.


  1. The oven spring is incredible!

    Did you use ground flax?

    What is your favorite non-honey whole wheat recipe? We need a great sandwich bread that doesn't involve honey so Ian can have some.

  2. The oven spring was probably from the sourdough starter I threw in. It ended up being a little too lightweight - hard to slice. I did use ground flax as specified in the recipe. As far as the honey goes, any liquid sweetener would work. How about Agave Syrup (yum!) or molasses or corn syrup? None of them should have the botulism risk. This is a good recipe and you could use more whole wheat vs. white to make it more wholesome.

  3. Glad to see this recipe worked out for you! But it looks like you accidentally posted my photo of the dough instead of your own.

  4. Deena,
    Sorry, I didn't think you'd mind. I forgot to take a picture of my dough so I used yours. I have labeled it as yours with a link. If you'd like me to remove it I will.
    I really enjoyed making and eating the bread. It's a great recipe.
    Mary Jo